An interesting article on 'anonymity'

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An interesting article on 'anonymity'

Post by simplemom » Mon May 09, 2011 8:30 am

This article got my attention. It is called “Challenging the Second ‘A’ in A.A.

It appeared in the NY Times on Sunday May 8 in the Sunday Styles Section front page.

You can also read the link to the NY Times article from on the left hand side under The Quick Fix or read more under Hot Topics 'AA & Anonymity' (another interesting (?) website)

I am digesting all this as the NY Times article and The Fix website have made me uneasy in many ways and I am processing my feelings about this. I will take what I like and leave the rest...for now ;)
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Re: An interesting article on 'anonymity'

Post by Roxers2011 » Wed May 25, 2011 11:31 pm

My (R?)ABF and I talked about this briefly at dinner tonight. He brought up the point that once a person breaks their own anonymity, they become a spokesperson or representative (in the public's eyes) for AA/NA, and that might not always be the best thing. In his words "most of us are dirtbags in some way or another." Someone could then make the decision that they don't want to be associated with that person/things that person does, and then choose not to attend meetings, etc. This wasn't an aspect that I was thinking about when reading the article, but now I understand better why anonymity is so important - it really helps protect both the individuals and the organization as a whole. Seems obvious now, but I haven't been in this program for very long!

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