Naranon literature & books

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Naranon literature & books

Post by KerryK » Fri Jun 25, 2010 3:48 pm

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had some used Naranon literature or books that you were able to share with me. Due to my RAH's recent relapse we are in a horrible financial situation, and I am unable to purchase any at this time. Also due to my RAH's recent relapse, I feel in desperate need to really get myself involved with Naranon...more than just reading people's posts, which are extremely helpful, but I need to learn how to apply the steps of Naranon to my life!

Generally, are the books available at local libraries? I couldn't locate them at our library. I realize I could get some pamphlets at a meeting, but there are only a handful in my state, and none that are close.

Thank you for your help & suggestions!

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Re: Naranon literature & books

Post by Tako » Sat Jun 26, 2010 3:28 pm

Hi Kerry,

I hope you will jump in your car and take a little trip to the nearest Nar-Anon meeting; even if it takes a while to get there and you might need to "grab a bite" on your way there. Unfortunately, we're not on every street corner, like Starbuck's, but the trip is worth it. Not only will you be offered literature, you'll also be offered a phone support list (please ask for one if they forget to offer it to you) and you will be given emotional support. It might also be an opportunity to ask if anyone lives in your direction and might be willing to carpool: some amazing friendships come from the simple act of carpooling. ;) :arrow:

You can also call our World Service Office (WSO) M-Th PDT to get contact information for any meetings you'd like to attend (you can call and chat with the group's secretary): 800.477.6291

If you live near a state line, be sure to check out the adjoining state's list of meetings:

Here is a link that has a few items that you can save to your desktop and/or print out (drafts of future brochures).

Here's a link for the Northern MA/CT area website that may be of help:

Hope you'll jump in that car and take that life changing trip. :D


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