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Prayer List Archived through 12-27-2016

Post by Naranon_Admin » Tue Dec 27, 2016 4:32 pm

Once again we will start our prayer list.

Please give us the first name of the person you would like to add to the list, whether it be
a friend, relative or yourself.

The list will be continually updated and as your loved ones name is added your post will be deleted.

My boy Craig, Jenna and their little one; Please pray for Eric, my husband and myself; The MS family...Our deep, loving son Dylan, my son Dakota, Dene and Blanca; Wesley; my son Hector; Sweet baby Layla; for Sean; Ronna; my son, Eric, and my husband, Scott, and my five other kids; my boy Andrew, Dylan; Bob; my lost son Eric; my husband Rob; My Beautiful Son Michael; for my son Eric; Blaine; my daughter Katie, her brother, myself and all our family; Praying for my dysfunctional family to come to peace; my daughter, Lyndsay as well as my husband Duncan, my younger daughter Bailey and myself; my daughter Lisa and me – 7/28/15

Lisacakes and her sons Nick & Alex: for Logan, his wife and their two beautiful children; My daughter, Nora; Jamie, Sean, Jamie's family; Please pray that all addicts and those that love them find recovery and peace.; my son, K; Sean and all of our children; Alexander and all who struggle with addiction; my son Joseph; for all Mom'; My AD and her 2 beautiful boys. My AS and his girlfriend; for my daughter; my love Christopher; son Nicholas; BJC; Seth H; My boyfriend, Zach; My boyfriend Bruce; my daughter Courtney, me(mom) her dad and her little sister; my son Ben; my son Ethan, his daughter & his girl friend; my daughter Cierra and my friend Demetrius; for our daughter, Morgann. – 10/12/15

Please pray for my daughter; Donna; Jeanette and Samantha; my daughter Kayla and her two babies; Ali; Myself and my husband Larry; My husband John; My bf Alex; My mother, Dawn; Nick; Pray for my son Eric; my 19 year old daughter Lizzie; Chris, our son Maddox, my daughters Kiarah, Camree, and Genesis and myself; For Anthony; For Tony; Eric C; A.J.; my sister Anna; Dillon; Nicole; Marc; Bob; Donell M; Please say a prayer for each one of us - and our loved ones that brought us here. Pray also for all those who are suffering both in and out of these rooms.; J, C, W, M, S; My AD Candice. - 01/08/16

My daughter Claire and my son Ryan; My wife Shyla; My brother Steven; My boyfriend Rafael, my uncle javier, my 2 cousins alexiss, and Amanda; My son, Nathan; My friend Jonah, and his mom Holly; my brother Alex, my boyfriend Cory, my mom, my dad and me; My entire family: Nicholas, Michael, Roman, Constance, and me, Bernadette; Prayers for a dear friend and her family; Please lord, help me, my son eric and everyone who loves him; For those who are suffering, both in and out of these rooms; my son J. I pray as well for everyone here, both the addicts and families; Derek; My son Chad, my nephew Cody; My son Brendan; Please pray for my niece, Amy; Please pray for Cary's family. 02/17/16

For Chris,my family and everyone/ everything addiction effects. Thank you
prayers for coinman and family.
Prayers for Scott for hope strength and a program! Thanks
requesting pray for strength, guidance and wisdom! And protection
Helena for healing and protection. God Bless!!
Nicole and myself<3
Alexandra Alexandra Alexandra
Please pray for emotional healing for my family.
Love and gratitude,

Michael and Lynn
Pray for Clara
prayers offered up my family.
Please pray for my 18 month old grandson Chance. His momma is on meth again and I have received news that he's being neglected. God, please protect baby Chance. Amen.
praying for Chris and Travis
Please pray for my son Andrew. He is 23 and in treatment but not making positive steps. He overdosed 3 weeks ago and I found him cold, blue, not breathing, and motionless. I performed CPR and got him breathing again. I'm scared. Thank you.
pray for my son Grant and for peace and healing for myself and my family
Please pray for my 46 year old son, Sonny. He needs to hit bottom and get help for alcoholism. Thank you.
Please pray for
Matt. Struggling, trying,frustrated.
Please pray for my daughter Haley, and our entire family.
A.J,Josh and D
Prayers for my brother Todd, that he would choose to recover
Please pray for my boyfriend Chris to continue on the right path during his rehab recovery, to do the right things and get stronger to better his life and the further life with us. Please pray for my continued healing of the damage that has been done due to his addiction and let my heart heal, and guide me to continue to do the right things for my life and my future life with my boyfriend.
Please pray for my adult son Mykel. He has been in rehab for 3 months and is wanting to walk out. Pray he stays focused on his recovery and leave past friends and girlfriends in the past.
Please pray for my daughter Heaven, that she will choose recovery & her mom again. We are the only family each other has & this has torn my life to pieces since June 2015. I can't find support here where I live & I feel so alone. I feel like I'm on a cliff & falling off. Thank you for your prayers.
Please pray for my son Brandon. He is running from a warrant, in active addiction and has Hep C which he will not treat for. He also has a co dependent addict, Savannah. It is my prayer that my son comes to his senses, gets clean and sober, turns himself in for warrant service and begins much needed treatment. While I realize Savannah is somebobys daughter, I do pray for a separation between her and my son as this is seemingly an unhealthy relationship. thank you and God bless.
My husband Michael
pray for tyler..a 20 year meth user whos heart is now failing and is continuing to use. and pray for courage for me to walk away and live a once again good guilt free life
Please pray for my son Chad.
Prayers for my daughter, Nora.
Please pray for Owen who has Hep c and its advanced - result of addiction
My husband, Tim. Also our children who are far too affected by this.
please pray for me, my 16 month old baby and my husband, eric. for strength and grace to our little family.
Please pray for my daughter who is addicted to opiates and that she finds the strength to enter into a recovery program.
Nora ...............
Please pray for my husband Tim, he is in rehab and is struggling to stay in rehab because we just found out that his brother has passed.
Praying for Tim! Please pray for my son David to clear his head of negative thoughts and get back to a good recovery!
For Chris,my family and everyone/ everything addiction effects. Thank you 6/16/2016

please pray for Matt to seek his HP for direction.
Please pray for My daughter Samantha she is 21 days into recovery. Please pray for all of us affected by addiction, that we can find the right tools and support that we need to all be healthy. Thank you.
Please Pray for my twin sister Jennifer to look to her HP for strength and guidance. She relapsed recently after a long productive road in recovery. I love her so much-she's worked so hard and has so much to live sober for. Pray for her daughters (my nieces) Jalyna, Mariah, Clarissa, Amberlyna, and Cherish. Please pray for their Dad Mikie to find recovery and follow his HP for sanity and peace. Please pray for my Mom Colette for direction and happiness. Please pray for emotional healing for my family.
Please pray for me (Holly).
I've had some health issues going on, and I am exhausted. Please pray for Blaine who has lost his way.
Please pray for Kate...she left on her own from sober living home and thinks she has it all figured out..she broke rules and they came down on her and she didn't like it..I support sobriety I don't support her actions..she's only 18
Please pray for Chris,Justin and everyone that is effected by addiction.
Please pray for Mary, that she can find the strength to continue in her recovery and hang onto the clarity she has gained. Let her know that being clean and sober can offer her a chance at a REAL life.
My son Jake. For Anthony
Husband, Scott
Please add my fiancé Bryan to your list. He's been struggling with a meth addiction on and off. He says he is not using right now but not sure what to believe. He does not treat me well very often these days and talks down to me a lot. I just want to run away.
Please pray for my husband to get the help he needs and for me to make the right decisions.
Please pray for my husband, Chris, my son, Christopher, and my daughter, Cristin. They all struggle with addiction.

Please pray for Adrian and Curtis to help them find an understanding of their addiction and the negative effects it has on their own life and the lives of those who love them dearly.
Please pray for my husband, anthony (who is in rehab for the second time in less than a year), my husband's family (who has been affrcted by all of this...however they are huge enablers with my husband and don't really offer me much support), my family (whom this has affected terribly since we have been living with them these past 8 months after moving from our hometown to halfway across the US to get away from my husband's go to dealers and start new), me (all this is so hard to heal from, especially when you love someone so much and they've hurt you the way they have), and the decisions I will have to make regarding my marriage.
my addicted son, Chris and the rest of my family
Please pray for my son Kevin, currently in inpatient rehab for alcohol and drug addiction. Please pray that his first rehab treatment will be his last, that he will follow through with sober living and aftercare. Please pray for our family, to learn to support the rehab and not the disease, to learn to take care of ourselves and to prepare to face whatever comes.
Please pray for my son, Brian, 33. currently in treatment.
For my husband, Nick, who is 2 weeks into recovery.
My boyfriend, Kevin.
Please pray for my family and that I take right action in this crisis.
My son Aaron, his friend Scott and our entire family
Please pray for my son - he took a bus last night to get a new start and very excited for his new journey in his new state - worried that because he went to jail (on his own because he had no place to stay and violated a restraining order) that he may not get a job when they do a background check - I don't want him to get discouraged - he needs this new start - giving it to God - I know he has a plan - thank you.
I'm asking for prayer for my husband "Terry" and his deliverance
My children Darius, Diamond and Darion
And myself "Angel" for peace, joy and happiness, comfort, forgiveness, love and understanding
Please join me in praying for my son, Zach, whose addiction is ruling his life and mine.
Please pray for me for acceptance and strength, and my husband, for safety and healing
Please pray for our daughter, Rebecca. May she allow God to lead in her life.
Prayers appreciated for my daughter Jennifer to continue making progress in her recovery.

I humbly ask for prayers for my addict son Rory and his children. Thank you in love, Ki
Please pray for my boyfriend, Stephen, in his recovery along with his father, Michael, who is an active addict who refuses to seek treatment.
please pray for both my children, scotty and Brittany, will overcome their addictions and enjoy their lives. Thank you
Please include my dear daughter Emily in your prayers, she is fighting with her addiction and is currently using again and missing from the safe bed she was staying in, Lord please help her find her way back before its too late. Amen
Prayers for myself, Marianne, to understand and accept God's Will during this time of nonacceptance on my part of his Will.
For me, Jess - I need courage to continue doing what is right and not to be bullied by my AH.
Please pray for Eric to find the strength to get the right help and get his life back together. And please pray for me too, I'm struggling as a result of his addiction and my heart is broken.
For Ian. He recently got kicked out of his half-way house and broke his probation. I'm not sure what will happen next. Just want God to keep him safe.
Please pray that Courtney returns home safely.
Prayers for all those in the path of Hurricane Matthew,including my Son Kyle
Prayers for my wonderful daughter Lisa.
She is past due for the birth of her child.
May her birth and delivery go smoothly and all be well with Lisa, Michael and their baby.

May Grammie (that is ME) make it their in time for the birth. Leaving in the morning. I am 5 hours away.
Please pray for my son Eric. His disease has reared it ugly head and sabotage any progress. I pray for Devine intervention. I pray for our entire family who has been sucker punched again.
Xo cheryl
Please pray for Tanner who is suffering from addition to drugs. Also pray for our family
Please pray for my fiancé Mitchell and our kids. As he has relapsed and struggling.
Please pray for my son Jack, that he will be honest with himself about his addiction while he is in jail. That he will draw closer to God and will realize he needs help and will get it. Thank you!
I ask for your prayers for my husband, that he will be accepted into an inpatient program. I ask for your prayers for me; I am at the end of my rope and realize I need help with his addiction and how I handle it.
For Ian... let the Lord keep him safe. Something feels off right now and I can't put my finger on it so prayers are appreciated.
My son, Hayden
my best friend/spouse Jamie
Please pray for Lisa and Charlie
Please pray for my son Sean that he seeks the help he needs to become clean and sober. Please pray for me as I learn how to detach from him with love. Please pray for my husband Mike that he learns to detach with love too.
Please pray for my son Tanner. I don't know where he is or how he is doing.
Please pray for my husband Jack in getting back on the path of recovery. Also please pray for me, that I can detach with love. Thank you
Please pray for my x-ABF, Daniel. May he continue his path to sobriety, may he find the answers he needs to live the life he deserves. For our son, Derek who is growing up with an absent father; And for me, for the strength to stay away from him and allow him the time and space he needs to figure life out on his own.
Please pray for Keri, my oldest Son's Fiance. She was in a car accident and suffered major injuries to her left leg (broke her left femur bone and completely shattered her right ankle, which had to be completely rebuilt. She is in a lot of pain and it hurts my heart to know what she is suffering through. It is going to be a long road of recovery for her.
Prayers also for my Son Brian. To give him strength he didn't know he had to deal with this situation.
Please pray for my son Alex
Please pray for my son Max - that his HP guides him to health and safety
Please pray for my son Donny. Please pray for him to find his true self and to get on the right path. Please pray for him to find love and be happy
She relapsed...pray for my mom please.
Please pray for my boyfriend Michael. He has relapsed and I fear I will never see him again.
Please pray for David to find the point where he is sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Please pray for Tanner. I don't know where he is.
Please remember me in your prayers. MY AH asked me to meet with the counselor at the treatment center last evening about the future. I was not only blindsided with a weekend 5 hour pass for Sunday, but told that because of his "progress" they are prepared to release him at less than 30 days (so he could be home for Christmas). I not only do not want to pick him up for the pass, but I am quite certain that I do not want him home upon release. The counselor has asked that I come in again on Tuesday to plan. Good vibes please. Thanks!
Please pray for my husband Kenny. His addiction has spiraled. He is out of contact with me. Pray that God help him find his rock bottom and seek not abstinence but recovery. Please pray for our marriage.

Please pray for me.
For my son Trey, who is in recovery. Just for today.
Pray for my son, Matthew....
Please pray for my great nephews Alexander and Anthony who were pulled from their parents last week due to no one being available to do the supervised visitation. The supervised visitation was due to Alexander being born in August withdrawling from drugs. My nephew's are currently with family members but that situation may not work out because the boys Great Aunt is getting overwhelmed and they meet with the social worker later on today. I am really struggling because I don't want to see my great nephews end up in the foster system. I really thought my niece lossing her children would cause my niece to hit her bottom but it didn't and she has no interest in receiving help. Please pray for my niece Skyler and her husband Nick that they'll want to get help. I am also in need of prayer so I can let go and let God even though it is very painful and difficult to do
please pray for my family - for my addicted son to somehow find the way to reach up for his HPs hand, for my husband and I to stay off my ASs roller coaster and simply love with acceptance, for my younger son to continue to show us what healthy boundaries are all about.
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