Happy St Nicholas Day!

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Happy St Nicholas Day!

Post by grateful » Tue Dec 06, 2016 2:51 pm

December 6th is a day that some remember St Nicholas - a man who was orphaned as a teen and inherited wealth that he shared with others anonymously as far as that was up to him. Gold coins, oranges, festive foods from Olde World countries like Holland, Bulgaria, Poland, Austria all have special meaning for those who celebrate the traditions of their ancestors.

Generosity, anonymity, care for the poor (which can mean more than materially) and willingness to share what he had with others are assets that I see play out in those who show up on the Forum to give what they have to give without strings attached. So, on this special day of remembering a good man whose entire life was devoted to service as a person loved by his HP, I also remember all of you who give of yourselves even though life has thrown you some curve balls just as it threw a curve ball at a young man who refused to let the major losses of his life derail him from giving what he had to give in this life with gratitude. Happy St Nicholas Day! :)
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