Anyone love old Victorian Homes?

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Anyone love old Victorian Homes?

Post by drov » Fri Sep 09, 2016 6:46 pm

I live in Southwest New Jersey near the Delaware River and there are a lot of old historic homes. I love them. Many are restored to their former glory and sadly, many sit abandoned, rotting on their lots. I admire those who are talented and restore these old homes, or those who are artistic with vision to re-create the artwork, sculptures and woodwork from centuries ago.

Any enthusiasts, artists or admirers of old Victorians?

I've only recently begun to explore my hobbies after a year and a half of feeling crippled and uninspired by my addicted wife's effect upon me. The divorce is difficult and I am doing everything and anything to keep my mind on positive things - the things I enjoy. My nar-anon group stresses the importance of focusing on me and what I love - so here I am. Anyone else?


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Re: Anyone love old Victorian Homes?

Post by lightenurheart » Mon Sep 19, 2016 7:16 am

David, I love anything old that tells a story of another time. I am enchanted by how much these must have survived and what the design says about them. I grew up in old homes. My current hobby is restyling old furniture. It is so much fun to think of the old pieces and who they one day served and now making them relevent again. My hobby is sort of a meditation.. a place where I find myself through creativity, and it also keeps me out of trouble :?

I am recently back to naranon and I am so filled with gratitude that I have these pages to remind me of the serenity of accepting the things I cannot change... I am so at peace when I can spend healthy time with myself not obsessing about "the problems" that addicition brings. It is much easier for me to redirect to self care when I engage with my hobby.

Keep coming back, and enjoy those moments of YOU.

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Re: Anyone love old Victorian Homes?

Post by grateful » Mon Sep 19, 2016 9:07 pm

10 years prior to retirement, my organization purchased a 4700 sq ft structure that was built during the Victorian era. It was a duplex with a huge basement, heavy pine wood exterior and interior doors, a pocket door and a fireplace on each side of the duplex. Second floors had rounded walls rather than the usual flat walls we see today in modern structures. Upper floor closets had round windows that reminded me of ships' peep holes. Newel posts were hollow to hide the blueprints or anything the owner wanted to place in them on both the second floor and the third floor. Entrance stairways to the upper floors reminded me of the type I saw as a little girl that Loretta Young would descend in a flowing skirt to sell Camay soap. The front of the house had a porch that ran the width of the house. Each back entrance had a smaller back porch except for the center door (there were three) that sported a well built overhang. Entry into the basement was on the outside of the house.

We painted the exterior with colors that would have been used in Victorian times since we owned the structure in a historic district. The huge front doors had large oval shaped glass centers with very thick glass and were original to the structure. We chose dome shaped covers for the light fixtures all through the house which would be similar to period. We didn't use paper - too messy and too hard to take down if we wanted to change it. We did choose interior colors and stain that were close to period in many of our rooms and on the doors, stairways, railings and newel posts.

It was a lot of work and it was fun to remodel and also restore what was the typical apartment building beige walls and beige carpeting throughout. My first and last job doing something like this. Carpenters and subcontractors told me they didn't give the place a prayer when we bought it. But, when they were finished doing what I wanted and two student designers and an architect had helped us choose - they marveled at the beauty and the transformation of what had looked like an old house at first but not anymore. It was fun for me, too, to see all the contractors' faces when they discovered that they could do more than build new houses. They took great pride in what they had accomplished. So, did I.
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Re: Anyone love old Victorian Homes?

Post by Ma1954 » Fri Sep 30, 2016 7:55 am

My husband and I bought an old home, c.1920 on Maryland's eastern shore. We are almost done fixing it up. We both love doing this. We hope to retire there. It's not Victorian, it is an old Farm house typical for the area.
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Re: Anyone love old Victorian Homes?

Post by Judith » Sat Oct 08, 2016 9:34 pm

I adore Victorian Homes, the ones that look like great big dollhouses! We don't have many like that here down South, but we do have the gorgeous Antebellum Homes.

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