Movies About Drugs Bug Me

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Movies About Drugs Bug Me

Post by Sunshine48 » Tue Apr 21, 2015 7:31 am

There is a film coming out soon called "Dope" a comedy of a kid in South L.A. trying to get past gangbangers and dealers and into Harvard. It will be a blockbuster, I am sure.

Also, nowadays, when someone under thirty says something is really good, they say it is "dope" which I think originated as Homer Simpson's "doh" sound but kids now just say:

"Hey, that's dope, man, cool."


How did we get here? How can a kid get past seven years old today without drugs, if they are met with cultural references like this? When did "dope" become so wonderful?

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Re: Movies About Drugs Bug Me

Post by Cheryldel » Tue Apr 21, 2015 10:15 am's everywhere and used often in many sitcomes now. It might be funny to me if I haven't seen addiction and its effects from the inside out. Guess it's just my lens now..can't go back. Goes to show you much of humor used to highlight defects in others isn't all that funny when we really see how much it hurts.
Bulling used to be a right of people speak out about it. That's what I try to do in regard to drug use, highlight the the human sadness. Maybe someday..people will see there needs to be more scientific studies in this disease. In the meantime..the most we can do is manage ourselves..and seek compassion..without enabling.
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Re: Movies About Drugs Bug Me

Post by grateful » Thu May 14, 2015 2:00 pm

Cripe. I fought like heck to get me and my kids out of an environment wherein their Dad, his sibs and his friends all drank and smoked weed, etc. Now! It's being legalized in multiple states. I guess its bad until we figure out how to make a profit on it? Regardless of the insanity around me, I know what drugs and alcohol do to people, families and our quality of life. I may not be able to stop one kid from using or thinking there's nothing wrong with using. I can keep myself away from mind and mood altering anything. I'm the only one I can really do anything about.
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Re: Movies About Drugs Bug Me

Post by Goldenrain » Wed May 27, 2015 2:38 pm

I read a statistic that today's highly evolved pot has 40 times (FOURTY TIMES) the amount of THC than pot in the 70's. No one can convince me that without controls as to quality and purity today's pot isn't as dangerous as hell. It was my son's gateway drug at 14, make no mistake. Medicinal pot cards in CA are a joke - $35 bucks and one quack doctor later, 18 years olds are lined up around the corner for them. I do believe there is compelling research on the benefit of MJ use for pain control or nausea in Cancer patients and other diseases - but it should be controlled like any other 'controlled' substance - ALSO subject to strict protocols and dispensed by a pharmacy. I'm not sure why legal pot seems to work in places like the Netherlands ~ I just know that at any given moment I can be night driving next to some stoned idiot who is the equivalent of a land mine. SMH :roll:
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