Hope I'm Doing Something Right

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Hope I'm Doing Something Right

Post by jenbrass » Fri Feb 08, 2013 12:07 pm

Despite my AH using pain pills (to clarify they were legally prescribed) for the past 3 years and 1 1/2 of those years full on abusing them.

Despite his suicide attempt last year and his mental and physical crash this year (totalling his car, losing him job, going through detox)

Despite all this my 2 elementary kiddos are making Honor Roll! Are happy play, laugh, giggle all the time and always drive me nuts with their abundant energy! So I hope that means I'm doing something right!

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Re: Hope I'm Doing Something Right

Post by Tako » Fri Feb 08, 2013 2:58 pm

Hi Jen:

It's really good to hear that your children are still able to have a childhood throughout the insanity and that you've taken some time to stop and realize that there are good things in your life.............gratitude is something to be grateful for! :D The disease of addiction is often referred to as the "Family Disease," because we are all affected in different ways.

For a long while, I was consumed with all the crazy antics that my beloved addict(s) displayed and forgot to slow down and embrace what was "right" in my life; including a wonderful child who did everything right and was a joy to raise. I let the disease of addiction consume me in many unhealthy ways until I got sick and tired of "keeping secrets" and isolating myself from family and friends so that no one would know the insanity that went on in my home. When I took my home back and put the addict(s) out, my life started to resemble one that was peaceful and healthy....................eventually, after much introspective work on myself, it became my sanctuary.

Hold your precious children close and make sure their home is a sanctuary too!

Wishing you all the peace and serenity you deserve,


river rock

Re: Hope I'm Doing Something Right

Post by river rock » Fri Feb 08, 2013 11:32 pm

Im sure you are doing many things right. I have a RAS and a daughter.
forr many years I thought my daughter was fine, she never
complained, had a life , went to college got a degree in social work.
Great kid. But, in the last year before we kicked my son out and he
went on to get in serious recovery, she videoed him with her phone
stealing money out of her purse. I thought we were going to have to
put her in a straight jacket. She was shaking , and screaming, and cursing,
which she doesnt do. so much penned up anger came out. we talked, she had
detached emotionally from her brother, which i knew, but i didnt realize there
was so much anger, so sometimes they hide it well. im sure you will be keeping an eye
out on them, of course the older they get , the more they understand and
dont understand. hope you keep working it.
river rock

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Re: Hope I'm Doing Something Right

Post by palend » Tue Jun 18, 2013 8:57 pm

How true--while I was chasing my addict, trying to keep him on track, and away from evil, my younger son was excelling at academics, sports and life. He said to me quite a few times, you love the addict more and only focus on him. I stopped in my tracks and have started to take my life back-there are days that I regress--but with each new day, I draw strength from my HP and pray, pray and pray some more. The radio station K-Love has helped me--also Naranon materials are all around me at all times and I read and re-read--things get better when I focus on my own recovery. Hope you have a blessed and happy :D day!

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